Ash Borer Treatment Works If Diligently Applied

emerald ash borerThe Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect which has caused damage to millions of trees through out the United States since the Eighties. It has been particularly devastating to countless ash trees in the states of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

Ash trees are an important natural resource as they line and canopy city streets. They are also noted for their beauty and sturdiness. Urban planners and home owners enjoy how these trees enhance whatever areas in which they are planted. In addition, ash wood has been used in the manufacturer of fine musical instruments for generations. They also provide a habitat and source of food for moths and butterflies.

Fortunately, ash trees, even those of advanced age and growth, respond very well to treatments aimed at ridding them of the Ash Borer. This treatment is a cost and time saving alternative to replacing the trees, especially the very mature ones. Professional arborists have the knowledge necessary to treat and to save the ash trees.

The Emerald Ash Borer lays it larvae under the bark of the ash trees. As the immature insects feed on the bark, they cut off the tree’s water and nutrients. If the larvae are not targeted and eliminated at this point, the ash tree will sicken and die.

Arborists say that when the Emerald Ash Borer infests an area within 15 miles or less of a neighborhood, the trees there will be in serious trouble. Ash Borer treatment is highly recommended to save these beautiful trees.

Emerald Tree Care LLC is well-versed in the correct approach to Ash Borer Treatment. The Emerald Tree Care team carefully evaluates each ash tree in question and determines how best to apply the treatment–e.g. trunk injection or saturation of the ground immediately surrounding the tree. Experience shows that the treatment works well to save the infested trees and that specimens of any age respond really well to it.

So, it is of the utmost importance to invest the time, labor and resources to save any area infested with the Ash Borer. It would be a tragedy to allow forests to be killed by this invasive species of insects. The effects would be felt for generations.

The Ash Borer is known to come into the country with the importation of products from overseas. Our natural habitats must be protected from this foreign insect so that it does not spread and wreak havoc on a thriving ecosystem.

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