This message is guaranteed to get me in some hot water.

But I know most of my readers are open minded and will read to the end before making a snap judgement.

In a typical week of dog training I often hear comments like this:

“Eric, I must tell you. I lost it on my dog. I just couldn’t take it. This is the third pair of shoes, the second TV remote and my $1200 couch is wrecked. I feel terrible but I was so mad.”

Last night I went to a new client and she told me how her dog had bolted out the front door, ran across the street and attacked a dog who was going for a walk with her owner.

She is mortified.

Earlier this week a very nice lady was telling me with tears in her eyes how her parents won’t come to visit her anymore because of her dog. The dog jumps and her mother ends up bleeding because of the medications she is on. Her father freaks out on her and the dog.

Monday night I walked into a house in New Bedford, MA with dog on top of the dinner table. A little boy was crying because the dog had just scarfed down his hot dog.

So much turmoil, disharmony, worry, frustration, guilt, and disruption.


Where is the peace and harmony?

Dogs are supposed to lower our blood pressure and help us live longer. Not the case in many houses I visit.

Is there a solution?

Yes and I will share it with you…but I am reluctant.

I am reluctant because I can already hear the howls and screams for my head on a stick.
Never one to back down and in my unending quest to help you with your dog I will brave the arrows and tell you how to achieve total peace and harmony with your dog.

And please remember to read this till the end before you grab your torches and pitchforks.
Peace with your dog can be accomplished through….

…wait for it….

….wait for it…..



Peace through Punishment.

“WHAT? THIS IS A SCANDAL!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! This Letendre guy has lost his mind. Peace is accomplished through love, patience, positive reinforcement, hugs and happiness.”

I hate to be the professor of harsh reality but the way you attain peace with your dog is though punishment. I know this is contrary to most of what you read and hear but peace really is accomplished through punishment.

Facebook and social media websites are flooded with articles about making sure your dog is happy but what about the owner with a growling, biting dog? The dog owner with thousands of dollars of damage, the owner who can’t have guests over to visit because of her dog’s unruly behavior? I wonder how happy the dog will be when they are dropped off at the shelter?

Dogs are happiest and calmest when they clearly understand what your terms are. This is done through a combination of positive and negative consequences.

To increase and make a behavior stronger we use positive reinforcement. To decrease or eliminate a behavior we use a negative consequence.

You CAN’T STOP a behavior by ignoring, redirecting, teaching an alternate behavior, or misdirecting with treats. Won’t happen no matter what trainer, vet behaviorist, YouTube or TV trainer tells you.

You STOP behaviors with punishment. Every scenario I described above could have in most cases quickly come to a screeching halt if the owner was taught and shown how to correctly apply punishment.

Quickly bringing PEACE to the house.

As I see dog owners have three options:

1. Refuse to believe what I am sharing here and continue to live in frustration, worry, and disharmony.
2. Do nothing and hope the dog’s behavior improves (never does).
3. Or give what I am saying a try and see the results for yourself.

The good news is I share BEFORE and AFTER videos of out of control dogs on my website for you to see the results for yourself. Most of the results were accomplished in JUST one session.

What happens next? You can sign up for a FREE consult for your dog. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s FREE. Go here NEXT:

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