Remember in school the teachers that were really soft-spoken and unassertive?

Remember in school the teachers that were really soft-spoken and unassertive? None of your classmates really took them seriously, you probably didn’t either. I remember those types of teachers struggling to take control of the class and never actually gaining full respect of the students. The teachers that were stern, direct, animated and engaging we’re the ones you respected. And whether you realized it or not, they were also the ones that you felt safe with. You were likely never late to their classes either. You are absolutely your dog’s teacher whether you signed up for the role or not. A fearful dog cannot feel safe when the one calling the shots has too gentle of a demeanor about them. You don’t have to be “dominant” to help your dog, you just have to act assured and handle yourself like you’ve got a plan. Even fake it till you make it can work wonders. If this does not come naturally to you, please seek help from a professional that can boost your confidence when it comes to dog handling.

Bellatrix did great passing every single dog in the park. If I would’ve just let her take the leash and do her own thing, it would’ve been an utter failure. My constant guidance was making us as a team successful.

You see, the tricky part is I can’t change someone’s personality. All I can do is coach them through enough practice where they slowly gain their own confidence with handling their dog through tricky situations. Practice does not make perfect, practice build confidence. A firm, fair teacher with the right intention can help guide you through the process.

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