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Advertising There are many ways of selling advertising space on a blog but some of the different advertising options that I see bloggers experimenting with include: Contextual Advertising – Programs like and (beta) are very popular with bloggers and are probably the most common income stream being used by them today. These programs basically scan the content of […]

Blog Posting Sites

Here we are going to create our own EDU blog and place links inside it to our money site. Then we are going to create comments on blogs all over the net pointing to our EDU blog for some extra power. Then we will submit our new EDU blog posts to our indexing services to get them recognized by […]

Press Release Backlinking Methods That will Catapult Your Site To The Top

First thing you need to do when you get your first website up and running, is submit it to the search engines. You can do this FREE, but keep in mind it would cost you a lot of time and some of the directories will ask for a reciprocal links (LINK BACK TO THEM) or email confirmations […]