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Keep your roof looking like new

Taking stock after a hurricane like “Irma” should include a roof inspection even if you don’t have an apparent roof leak. The kind of winds, i.e. hurricane force and tornado, can cause damage to your roof which may not be apparent yet.. Note the mold in the insulation photo below. Another thing to keep in […]

How to Get the Best in Class Safety and Security by Installing the Secure Gate?

If you are wanted to secure your home or office, you can get best in class safety and security by installing the secure gate that not only provide safety but also enhance the beauty of your house. The security is must be first priority for safety and peace of mind. You can get unique look […]

How to Choose the Best Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services at Affordable Price

If you are facing the popcorn ceiling problem, you can get the best popcorn ceiling removal services at affordable price. You should be very familiar with some easy to follow tips and tricks that help you to choose the best popcorn ceiling removal services at very affordable price. The popcorn ceiling is most common problem […]

How to Deal with a Driveway Which is Prone to Water Logging and Flooding

If you have a gravel driveway and you’re noticing that it’s prone to water logging and flooding, you should know that there are ways to fix these problems. If you don’t fix it, other elements of your property, such as plants and soil, may be negatively impacted. As well, water damage may extend to your […]

How to build a greenhouse base

Just like a shed, a greenhouse needs to be fastened to a solid foundation to prevent damage caused by stress, warping and extreme weather. Without a level base and secure fixture, you will not benefit from a long serviceable life and will find yourself replacing your greenhouse in as little as a few years. It […]

Laying a log cabin base

Perhaps surprisingly, laying a base for a log cabin is nothing like laying a base for a shed – or, at least, it shouldn’t be. When sheds are built, the floor is laid and then the main construction built on top of it. With a log cabin however, the main cabin is built first (walls, […]

Roof Replacement And The Benefits

Roof Replacement and the Benefits Many people dread the thought of paying for a roof replacement. Having your roof replaced is a costly job. You can hire experts to do the task or you could chance it and have a go at repairing the roof yourself. However, if your roof starts to fall into disrepair […]

Ash Borer Treatment Works If Diligently Applied

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect which has caused damage to millions of trees through out the United States since the Eighties. It has been particularly devastating to countless ash trees in the states of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Ash trees are an important natural resource as they line and canopy city streets. […]

Types of Treatments For Log Homes

Log homes are made from wood and are highly susceptible to attacks from natural elements such as insects, termites and other wood boring insects that can cause major damage to the homes. Left untreated they can destroy a log home in its entirety and leave the owner with a high amount of losses. It would […]

Ash Borer in Ohio Could Be Causing Deaths

A rise of human deaths could be connected to an invasive species known as the emerald ash borer Ohio that is killing trees in the Midwest, based on a recently available study. Larvae of the emerald ash borer is a beetle native to Asia that feast upon the inside bark of the ash trees which […]