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Dog Trainers for the Seattle Area.

Lots of folks will see the dogs in some of our posts and say they look, bored, unmotivated, shut down…the short answer is they are not shut down at all, they are CALM. First lets talk about the dogs we work with and who we are. We are family pet dog trainers and behavior modification […]

Remember in school the teachers that were really soft-spoken and unassertive?

Remember in school the teachers that were really soft-spoken and unassertive? None of your classmates really took them seriously, you probably didn’t either. I remember those types of teachers struggling to take control of the class and never actually gaining full respect of the students. The teachers that were stern, direct, animated and engaging we’re […]

The Calm K9 Success Stories

A success story from The Calm K9 32025 Bluegill Dr Tavares, FL 32778 321-442-1609 The dynamic of our home has flipped…. Our first night home with Angus was wonderful! It is amazing how after just 2 weeks with you, the dynamic of our home has flipped. Our older dogs and kids were not afraid of […]

Group Dog Training Class

A Group Dog Training Class is a great environment to get together with like-minded dog owners to socialize, work on your training skills, and learn new ones! Brett’s group training classes in greater Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley are quite unique in that he gives his clients and their dogs unlimited access to attend as […]

This message is guaranteed to get me in some hot water.

But I know most of my readers are open minded and will read to the end before making a snap judgement. In a typical week of dog training I often hear comments like this: “Eric, I must tell you. I lost it on my dog. I just couldn’t take it. This is the third pair […]

Dog Training Can Literally Keep Your Dog Off Drugs…

Dogs on Drugs

You think I am joking about keeping dogs off drugs. This short message can save your dog’s life but you may (GASP) disagree with me. When it comes to leash walking I inform every dog owner I work with the dog is not allowed to pull, bark or… wait for it… SNIFF! “What! My dog […]

Is your dog impossible to control on leash around other dogs?

This email is going help you with this frustrating behavior. Pass it on to any friend struggling with a dog who has this behavior. Many dog owners want to take their dog for a walk but they can’t do it. They can’t take their dog for a walk because their dog goes completely crazy and […]